A pause in time...

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There's a pause in time....in my fairytale. I thought that when I started my blog I would love it and enjoy blogging, but I haven't been on my blog for days now. I need to find inspiration again for this blog. I can't seem to put focus on here. So, in the meantime, there's a pause for my blog entries. While there's a pause here, I did start a new blog on wordpress. It's more focused and a simple page. It's all about FOOD! Yummy right??!?

I'm going to try to continue to find inspiration so that I can return to this blog with some meaningful posts.

Anyhow, feel free to visit my other blog>>> iSpyFood

Hmong Inspired Magnets

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DIY Hmong Inspired Magnets

I love home décor/accessories and want to start my own line of Hmong inspired home décor line. My cousin Maxine and I are currently in the process of doing this. Super excited!

One project I started so far is making some Hmong Inspired magnets. There are tons of diy projects for magnets and I was inspired by many of the photos on pinterest to make these.


Current layout on our frig

Our Recipe for Love<>What's yours?

Moua>>For our last name

My very own Hmong inspired magnets!

Loving like Marshall & Lily

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My husband and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the show "How I Met Your Mother". A really good friend suggested the show to me, and while my husband has been watching the show for several years (on and off) without me, if it wasn't for my good friend, I probably wouldn't have started to watch it. 

Anyhow, I love it! It's such a great show with great characters and I never get tired of watching re-runs either! 

If you haven't seen the show, I highly recommended it. On the show, there are two characters = Marshall and Lily. In the show, they are a loving and funny couple. My husband and I can relate to them in so many ways! 

So, I decided to make a dedication to our love stories. I was inspired to do this by a photo on pinterest which was originally posted on http://themetapicture.com/better-love-story/ (a least I think itis the original source).

Who wants love stories like Romeo&Juliet or Cleo&March? 

When you've got love stories like ours!!

Father's Day

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Today is Father's Day.

Sadly, my husband and I haven't been blessed with children yet. It breaks my heart that I can't give him children right now. Although it hasn't been long since we started trying, it has been a hard and stressful journey. As a woman, it's hard to not blame yourself when you find yourself in a situation where you and your partner are having a hard time with conceiving. However, I'm trying to stay positive. As a couple, we've both been trying to stay strong as well. I just hope that we will be blessed one day soon. 
Being that today is Father's Day, I made this little picture for my husband.


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A Hmong Fairy Tale…in the making

Nyob Zoo (Hello)! My name is GaoNhia and I am a Hmong-American woman seeking her own fairy tale story with a happily ever after.  

Do happily ever after exist? Yes, I believe it does. Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of my prince charming. He would be tall, dark, and handsome. I believe in finding one’s true love and it took me exactly 18 years to find him. Yes, he is indeed tall, dark, incredibly handsome, and he is my prince charming.

The harsh reality is that fairy tales sometimes doesn’t end when you’ve found your true love. The story continues. There’s always a new chapter, epilogue or sequel. I’ve found this to be true for me. When I found my prince charming and we got married, I thought, YEAH, it’s going to be a happy ending. It’s not.

What happens when your castle is actually a small apartment, prince charming is unemployed, you encounter demons and dragons, and there is no gold?    

Finding your true love doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to be happy or that everything is going to fall into place right away. It takes time, perseverance, love, and lots of patience.

My fairy tale didn’t end when I met my prince charming; it was the beginning of a new chapter. So, I have come to realize that if I was going to have my fairy tale, I’m going to have to work at it. What I have found is that happiness is in the here and now. That’s how you keep your fairy tale going with happy endings happening every day. Like I said above, fairy tales don’t end, there’s always a new chapter, epilogue or a sequel.

So, I’m going to use my blog is an outlet for me to express my thoughts, feelings, and opinions.  A place where I can share what I’m doing in life that makes me happy, what my husband and I are doing to keep our love alive, and other miscellaneous things that will contribute to my fairy tale in the making.   

This is my first blog post. It’s more of an introduction and it is little repetitive of what is on my “About” page, so I am sorry about that. But it’s a start for me in the blogging world.  

Ua tsaug (thank you) for reading my first blog post. I’m new at this so I welcome support, comments and suggestions and if you happen to have fairy dust, I can definitely use some of that! ^_^

My prince charming & Me